Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last night, Ellen's dad "dosed" me with an unreal cup of coffee around 7pm.
Usually drinking 1 cup of coffee this late in the evening doesn't have much if any effect on me.
This time, I was up until 2:30am.

With boundless energy, I went stash diving (again) organizing all the KPPPM (Koigu) into 3 different bins, 1 for colorways of which I have multiple skeins, 1 for single skeins and one for leftovers and mill-ends.

Then, came the UFO's.

When mom and I were organizing last week, I made a special bin for these poor souls---figuring I would get through them eventually and decide just what to do. Who would have known it would be just one week later that eventually was upon me. Lovingly I went through, rebagged and labeled all of the projects. In conjunction with the previous list, I am in trouble. So, here it is:

  • Dale of Norway Rectanle Shawl in Koigu- about 5% done
  • Koigu Technicolor Dream Scarf (more about this later)
  • Maude (also in Koigu and as most of you know, the bane of my existence)-maybe 70% complete!
  • Koigu (do I sense a theme) baby sweater I started for Timmy Wynne (oh, he is three now)-the back is done, it's a pattern I worked hard to get from those cranky ladies at String in NYC many years ago...
  • Cherry Tree Hill Sweater; Trish and I worked hard to get this yarn--the pattern was in Interweave maybe 3 years ago...must find again...anyway, the yarn was nearly impossible to find after they published the magazine. Trish wore hers last week and I remembered how lovely it was...could bring me back to the dark side (knitting sweaters)
  • Several Pairs of Socks now living together in a bag marked "Second Sock Syndrome Victims."
  • Matinee Coat from Debbie Bliss; Robin made this for her niece years ago and I loved it. I figured someday someone would have a girl...the back is done and I've got babies coming...
  • Speaking of unfinished baby gifts...I have a completly knitted Mission Falls Cotton Baby Sweater that ONLY NEEDS FINISHING...some child is going to be wearing that next fall!
  • Fall Colors Striped Scarf in Frog Tree Alpaca; its very preppy...
  • Spiral Rib Hat in Noro Silver Thaw; one of my favorite all time patterns, I clearly started this with good intentions...
  • Kimono Shawl in Anne...I started this in Cape Cod 15 mths ago and am already 2 repeats into should I abandon the Blue Moon one (maybe 6 garter rows into it) and save that delicious yarn for something else...I think so!
  • At least 3 other scarves

By the time I completed this, I had only 2 hours left to listen too of "Atonement" which I started before Christmas and was completely obsessed with it was time to knit. I picked up the Koigu Technicolor dream scarf. Basically I'm knitting a long, 15 inch wide strip in about 70 different colors...well I'll knit the 15 inch wide strip for a while, then pick up stitches and knit horizontal rows for a while, then maybe add on another vertical strip...who knows...the mill ends are great for this project and I truly feel it will be a piece of art when done.

I also made a little progress on the "Hex Afghan" this weekend and my little sockies, which I tried on last night and I LOVE THEM!!!

Finally at 1am, I retreated to the bedroom. I decided to clean all of my silver jewelry at that time and watched the revamped Trading Spaces (welcome back Paige Davis!)

This evening I inventoried all the yarn that I'm planning to list on ebay. The list is 13 pages long...I'll post when I'm get it all up...but there is some nice stuff...

Okay it's 9:35 pm and I still haven't had dinner. "Breaking Bad" is on at 10, so I think it's time to watch/eat/knit.

Oh and I finished "Atonement" and I loved must see movie.


Donna said...

Good luck with finishing your UFO's. I am planning on taking pictures of mine and putting them on the blog so they are staring at me. The guilt might make me actually finish them!

I really have to - I can't buy any more yarn until I get these projects finished.

Keep inspiring me!

Lisa said...

Hmmm...reorganizing yarn this weekend, there must have been something in the air. I just finished my sort and store last night.

Always good to remind yourself of what you already have. I excavated some gems :)

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Knitty D - are you ok? You've been gone so lone I fear that you're perhaps buried until a pile of yarn. Or did all that organizing wipe you out? Come back soon.