Monday, January 07, 2008

A 60 degree January day

Yes, that's right, it is supposed to be 60 degrees today. I can't was SO COLD last week, so a few days of warmth is welcome...if only it could have been Saturday when I didn't have any heat. Long story short, I have heat again thanks to the repair of a clogged filter by my new boyfriend, Jack. Jack was toothless and a hunter and didn't waste any time professing his love for me since I have a big tv for "sports." Some of you know, this is the THIRD service type professional to hit on me (cab driver, cable guy, heater man) and what I think is SO strange about this, is that they are all in my house or dropping me off at my house. Does this make me vulnerable? Thank god for killer attack beagles. But maybe it also says volumes about my comfort level in this place?

Thanks to Allison for hosting Knitorama this weekend! It was great to get together and get advice on the Logan River Crap Wrap which I have frogged. There are many more attractive things that I can knit. The yarn just wasn't right, despite the fact that I was using the yarn the pattern called for. The pattern didn't read well and looked strange. So I'm moving on...
Special thanks to Carol for agreeing to dye more some more "Stop Sign" Lace Weight after it became the latest victim of beagle yarn porn.

Plans are moving ahead for operation organization (Jan 16th-20th)...all hands are welcome to join mom and I for cleaning, throwing things out and setting up/organizing the new "hobby room." Mom and I have a basic overall plan, and dad has agreed to come and be on "beagle detail," keeping the children of the corn out of our hair while we work.

I'm hoping this week at work will begin to pick up as last week was clearly just an extension of break. But I've decided I'm starting the research project(S) in ernest today and scheduling meetings with my research boss to set some deadlines, which I need.

Oh did I mention I got called for Federal Jury Duty in February...that sucks.
Oh did I also mention I'm GOING TO SPRING TRAINING!

I am so super psyched for baseball...I can't wait.
Okay off to work...Peace


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Your beagles are adorable! And I'm jealous of your knitting talent!
Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

I would love to be a part of Operation Organization. You know how I love to help throw things away! Best of luck Barbara:)