Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on: The Project

Mom and I have been working our butts off for the last 4 days cleaning, purging, trashing, donating, organizing and constructing the purple room (now know as giant purple closet/storage room) and the lounge (now known as the Hobby Space). I can report that the project is done. There is a bit of organizing of scrapbooking stuff left to do, and the Stanley Steamer guys are on their way here to clean the giant couches. The yarn storage is a truly amazing sight to behold. I had NO idea just home much gorgeous yarn I own. Also, I need NO MORE SOCKS THAT ROCK.

Photos to follow; Ebay sale to follow; logging stash into Ravelry to follow---but will be a ridiculous task.

Also, I FINALLY WON A POOL!!!! Congrats to TK and Rachel (and me) for winning the Amazing Race. I was screaming and yelling last night when they crossed the finish line. I've been coordinating Survivor and Amazing Race pools amongst friends FOR YEARS and I've never won...I am so excited! I am going out for pancakes to celebrate.

Oh, and my service project this MLK Day; I talked with Kathy Duffy, the social worker who coordinates the knitting program at Interim House (their blog is, and I've managed to put together four large bags of yarn, needles and some knitting supplies for the ladies at Interim House. Kathy has also invited me to come out and join their knitting circle and talk to the ladies about knitting through Project Snuggles for animals at VHUP and other vet hospitals and shelters! How cool!!!

Okay off to wait for the steamer guys to come and get some snuggles on...

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