Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Beagle Prozac Nation

Not only was it 64 degrees yesterday, but 12 years ago yesterday was the blizzard of 1996 when Philly got some 30+ inches of snow in one day. I remember it fondly...holed up in my apartment on the fourth floor of the Fairfax, writing my resume and eating anything I could find...I hadn't prepared very well and seriously didn't think the ENTIRE TOWN would shut down for 3 days afterward. I remember the news was on ALL DAY, that my car (a Honda Civic) was buried in a snow drift and the total silence of the city.

Within a week, the weather had warmed and the snow was gone...

So, Maggie went on Prozac yesterday. I'd been thinking about it for a while. Maggie has extreme anxiety around men, some strangers, noises and the outdoors. It had become so bad, I could barely walk her because she was so terrified. As we walked into Justin's yesterday for her annual appointment, she slipped out of her collar and took off down Pine Street. I caught up to her about half a block later, but it was the straw the broke the camel's back. I want Maggie to be a happy dog, and she can't be if she is terrified anytime we leave the house or one of my male friends comes over. So we started her on a small dose and Justin cautioned me that it will take upwards of a month to notice a difference. Until then, we continue to do behavior work with her and love her like mad.

Heather asked for photos so here you go:

Finn (almost 5 months old)

Gus and Finn spooning

Maggie and Finn looking out onto 46th Street

Finn licking Maggie's ears...

Hope you like them Heather!


Lisa said...

Such cute photos of the Finster!

Hope the prozac helps Maggie before your new "hot" boyfriend comes over. Then again maybe some of her anxiety over men is just good judgement :)


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Poor Maggie. I hope it works and that she becomes a happy little girl. Good pictures. At least you're in the right place to get advice.