Friday, January 25, 2008

And now, for my next trick...

So now that I have gone through all the yarn and have a better sense of just what I have, I've made a list of this year's to do list of projects and here is the kicker...I don't need to buy ANY yarn.

1) Hex Afghan from Knitting Nature: Yarn Nashua Creative Focus Worsted
2) Manos Four Seasons Afghan (Fall): Manos
3) Kilkenny Cable Shawl from Folk Shawls: Black Water Abbey
4) Baby Gifts for Heather
5) Baby Gift for Carolyn
6) Lotus Blossom Shawl (Fiddlesticks): Helen's Laces "Envy" colorway
7) Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci "Atomic 66" colorway
8) Noro Entrelac Stole: Kureyon
9) Nap Shawl from Two Old Bags: Brooks Farm Duet

I have 12 skeins ALONE of Socks that Rock, not to mention many other skeins of Shepherd Sock, Opal and I will always be carrying a sock with me as the portable project. Right now I'm working on these cute little ankle socks (I tend to like shorter socks) in some leftover Lisa Souza I had (colorway little devil) from a sorry and abandoned attempt at Jaywalkers. My sister has also requested KNEE SOCKS...any pattern suggestions??? I'm thinking of using two shades of Socks that Rock...

I just finished the Sweetie Pie Hat from the Purl Bee in Manos Silk Blend. It is perfect and NOT SCRATCHY in the least. Photos to follow...

So as the writer's strike wages on, I've found several new opportunities for good tv viewing which Trish has asked me to comment on. So here are my STRIKE BUSTERS

AMC "Breaking Bad." Chem teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer becomes crystal meth cooker to leave something behind for his family. Awesome! (Sundays at 10pm)

Fox "American Idol." Seriously it just gets worse and worse and I love it. (Tues and Weds)

A&E "Parking Wars." Real stories of the Philadelphia Parking Authority and the retarded citizens of my town that don't know how to read signs, double park and "borrow tags" from others. (Tuesdays 10pm)

A&E "Intervention." Reminds me that my life is not all. (Mondays 8 and 9pm)

Bravo "Project Runway." Love Heidi...I'm routing for...hmmm I don't know. (Wed, 10pm)

FX "Nip/Tuck." This is my first year having FX so it is the first year I've watched this show...after hearing about it at knitting circle for the last five years (thanks Robin!). It is as out there as "Six Feet Under," which I also adored but it also perplexed me and kept me thinking, just how far will they/can they go. Nip/Tuck does the same thing. Also I am totally in love with Julian McMahon. (Tues, 10pm)

NBC "Law and Order." The original is back and I refer to it as "the Jeremy Sisto half hour." I also loved him since "Six Feet Under." Linus Roche is growing on me too...and Jesse Martin...if only he could sing on the show like he did in "Rent..." but then I guess it would be more like "Cop Rock..."(Wed, 10pm)

and coming soon


"Survivor" Super Fans vs Super Survivors


a new cycle of...

"America's Next Top Model."

So all is not lost in tv land...for now...but soon the Phillies will be back and all I will do is watch baseball again.


AmyDe said...

It's fun to explore new venues on TV. Do you like Sci-fi?

Dr. Who and Torchwood on BBCA are fabulous (lots of hot men).

Also on BBCA is Graham Norton - totally funny. It's like a slumber party with crank calls and all.

House and Bones are back next week (not sure for how long).

Netflix must be losing money lately though. I know we've been through about 10 movies this month to our usual 1 or 2.

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

If you don't buy yarn, I'll buy you lunch! and then we'll go yarn shopping. I'm serious.
I think that cute girl who was almost eliminated this week - the one who works for Lauren - is very good and so is Rami. Christian is such a drama queen - emphasis on queen. Sweet Pea (what's with the name) is excellent when she's on this planet.
I don't know if it's still on buy I like Eureka on SciFi. And my fall back - Food Network - although my favorite chef Mario Batali, is no longer on there. Too much Rachel.

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Oh, I forgot. Speaking of BBCA, check out Clean House - its spellbindingly grotesque. Those Brits are not exactly clean people. You may have had a mess - they're pigs!

Donna said...

Have you knit the Monkey socks on yet? They would make great knee lenght socks and the pattern is pretty memorizable after a while.

Another huge Nip/Tuck/Julian McMahon fan here also! I would highly suggest renting the first couple of seasons from Netflix. Season Two was the best!

And yes - I hear you about not needing any yarn. Between what I have and the fiber I have left to spin I will be busy for all of 2008.

gstq2002 said...

Another knitting "Lost" fan! Glad to know I am not the only one! Ditto what Joann said about "How Clean is your House" on BBC America. I love those ladies and their fur-trimmed rubber gloves! It's a MUST see!