Saturday, February 09, 2008

Crappy blogger

I just realized I hadn't blogged in a couple of weeks! Oye vegh. I wish I could say that exciting things have been happening, but it has been pretty much, same shit different day.

Perhaps the biggest news is that I have (finally) moved my office to the vet school! Yeah! I feel legitimate! The move itself was a giant made me feel awkward and bitched up. Essentially I was homeless, without a computer, phone...etc for a day. Not really a big deal, but I was a mess. Plus I was teaching all week (the "Human Animal Bond" lab for Intro to Clinical Veterinary Medicine) and this being the first time I've taught this class, I was naturally worried and wanting to do a good job and set myself apart from my predescessors. Anyway, I ended up walking all over campus after I dropped my penn card, which ended up in Trish's office at HUP (of course) and the classes went fine (still have two to go).

My new office is a bit of a cave...but after a few hours of unpackins and decorating and "christina-ing" the space, it was starting to come together. I waited ALL DAY Friday for IS to come and hook me up to the that was a bit of a pain as one of the projects I have to work on in the next few weeks is re-doing the social work web pages for the vet school's new website.

So another weekend is here and I'm knitting...I wish I could say I was knitting feverishly, but I'm not. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. I've picked up the "Kimono Shawl" in Anne that I started in '06. It is just amazing and I am enjoying the knitting...but I'm getting that lace callous again on my right hand index finger from the addi lace needles. I got one last year when I was working on the Highland Triangle. I'm also trying to figure out what to make for Heather/baby and wondering if I will ever knit another sweater.

The reason I haven't knit a sweater in maybe two years now...the silk garden debacle. I worked my tail off to finish this 3/4 sleeve pullover in silk garden...even paid to have the finishing work done so it would look professional and gorgeous. I got it home and it was an absolute disaster...two big drape...nasty...fugly. Needless to say, Grace frogged the ENTIRE thing and I hadn't really thought about it since...until mom and I were working on the hobby space and I found all the yarn. I was really depressed...I really do want to knit a sweater again, I'm just so terrified of the possible end products.

I found the bell sleeve pullover in the UFO's a couple of weekends ago and decided that if I was going to do anything sweater wise, it was going to be every few days...I think about it, visit it...wonder when I'll feel "safe" enough to venture into sweater land again. Until then, I'll keep working on kimono, the hex afghan and my entrelac extravaganza, and learn to be happy with it.

Finn update: He is huge...almost Gussy's size now...I'd say around 35 lbs!!!
Maggie's prozac has kicked in...the other night she caught a possum in the back yard! Thankfully she was NOT successful in breaking it's neck and after a few seconds of playing possum it got up, hissed at us and walked away.
And Gus, well, Gus is the king of beagles! His birthday is Thursday (Valentine's day!) and we've got a big party planned...well at least some sort of special dinner for the G man!


Elysbeth said...

There is no mandate that requires blogging. This is a hobby right?

Owch with the Silk Garden. At least you were able to reclaim the yarn. Perhaps a quick knit sweater in a fairly cheap yarn would make you feel better. You would have minimal investment and if you didn't love it love would be a nice thing to donate to a transitional family. For instance a few years back I made a Vogue Quick Knit sweater that was 2 x 2 rib with long body and bell sleeves in cheap Lion Homespun. The yarn wears like cr-p. But the sweater was on 17s, the rib makes it not as bulky as it sounds, and it's a perfect sweatshirt alternative for around the house. And it's S-O-ft, Snuggly and the colour striated very nicely. cost of yarn - $16. Time - one sunday and 4 evenings with a Saturday to sew up and wear.

For the sore finger - Preparation H - quilters use it all the time.

webhill said...

Hey there. I wonder if you would drop me a note at - I'm most intrigued about your human animal bond lab. I was in the class of 2000 and was given an award at graduation for the student who most promoted the human animal bond... but to my knowledge, we never really COVERED the bond in CLASS or anything!! I'd love to hear what you're teaching on the subject!!!