Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photos: Before and After


and after:

Yeah! The hobby space is done!

I really don't think the photos do it justice...and the couches were cleaned AFTER I took these photos...they look and smell amazing.

The yarn is stored, by type (and labeled) in the multi colored fabric bins. Moth Beware hangs from sachets on the shelves. I have three bins of KPPPM (1 solid, 2 multi's), 1 bin of Kersti, 3 bins of noro, 2 1/2 bins of sock yarn, 2 bins of lace weight and many others...

And here is the piece d'resistance: Finn in the big blue Ikea bag


Elysbeth said...

I didn't know they had beagles at Ikea. Amazing.

The space looks great.

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Fantastic. Would you and your "crew" like to come over and do my house over. I have two spare bedrooms (except when my girls come home) and they're filled with crap - and yarn too. I love the shelves with the cloth boxes - its so anally organized. Good for you.

Lisa said...

Oh, to have a craftroom, that is not also the livingroom and occassionally the guestroom....sigh...I am so jealous.

Sherry W said...

Job well done, KD!