Monday, December 31, 2007

Retrospective 2007

Hello all! No I didn't disappear, but I have been on break, enjoying 10 days off in Cape Cod. It was a joyous time, with lots of family, food and fun. The beagles had an amazing time and truly are a six pack again. I did a fair amount of knitting, finished a scarf and a hat and worked on another hat, but ripped is out, started two more new scarves and contemplated the kimono shawl while helping mom with her lace technique. Also, finally finished reading "The Boleyn Inheritance..." love that historical fiction.

Finn is getting HUGE! He is really growing up. Here is a recent photo

I think he really takes after Gus. Sometimes when I look at him, all I see is Bassett Hound. He loved Cape Cod...the big yard, running through the bushes, digging up mom's yard, seeing his real sister, Rory. She's adorable too:

They are both certainly Bach Beagles.

I got some great swag for Christmas including, a heated mattress pad (tried it out last night and it is awesome when the beagles are hogging the covers in the middle of the night!), walking/hiking poles, two cashmere sweaters, Phillies Crocs (will be great for opening day...or at least Spring Training), the Vogue Knitting sock book and a new coffee grinder. Allison made both mom and I collage photos of our trip to Ireland. What a GREAT idea!

Everyone seems to enjoy my knitted gifts, especially Grandma and her socks:

Pattern is Loskins in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock; Colorway Devon. LOVE THEM!!!!

So I thought I would be all retrospective about 2007, but quite frankly in a year where the news was dominated by the antics of Britney/Lindsey/Paris, I just don't want to give it credit.

But there were also a lot of great things (personal things) that made this year memorable for me:

1) RAVELRY: What did we do before this? FINALLY, I am able to keep a knitting journal with ACCURATE information about the yarns I've used, who I've knit for etc. But even better, the community...amazing.

2) Phillies win the NL East- JRoll wins MVP. 'Nuf said.

3) Scrabulous on Facebook...keeps El and I working on our vocab and helps pass boring days.

4) I GOT A NEW JOB! Liberated from HUP, I realized just how masochistic the place is. I'm loving my new position as Director of Clinical Social Work and Pet Bereavement Services and for the first time in a LONG time, I'm not embarassed to tell people what I do.

5) Thanks to James the tow truck driver in Soctland who rescued our keys from the boot of the coupe. It was an amazing two weeks in Scotland and Ireland, but fishing things out of the trunk with a hook was certainly a highlight that I will never forget.

Now on to resolutions: which my friend Mike would rather call GOALS!!! Actually it is a much more accessible term...anyway, I've paired up with some pals for my resolutions this year and they are very task oriented.

1) Study, Take and PASS LCSW Exam (doing this with Carolyn)

2) Finish Scrapbooks from Scotland and Ireland (also with Car)

3) Manage finances and debt (with Heather)

4) Declutter and sell stuff on Ebay/Yard Sale (with Ellen, Heather and Mom)

Looking at the list, I realized I didn't have any knitting goals....hmmm....

5) Knit down the stash--no I will not say that I will only knit from stash, BUT I want to work on knitting FROM the stash. Should be easier after mom and I finish the hobby room and I actually know what I have (thanks for the inspiration Wendy).

So, Happy New Year to all...cheers to another year of Knitty Delicious, beagle antics and the like.


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Happy new year to you too. Nice socks. Glad you relaxed in Cape Cod and that the puppy is doing so well.

Wendy said...

Happy New Year - good luck with that stash thing - um . . .

Missed you at the Stash Busting Secret Santa!