Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Test

First, let me say, IT WAS REALLLLLLLLLY hard and thank god I studied as much as I did

That being said, I failed.

I needed a 70 to pass and I got a 68---so by math stats, I needed to get something like 1.3 more questions right to pass.

Craptastic. Anyway, I'm fine. I'm treating it as a very expensive practice test. They do give you a breakdown of the areas you did well on and one's that "need study." I did fine on all the big clinical sections, but need to study things like, "communication, ethics and service delivery."
Bite me.

I have to wait 90 more days to take it again...during that time, I'm sure I'll ask, if I am going to dye yarn for a living, do I REALLY need a clinical social work license?

Happy Halloween. I'm going out tonight with the Wynne's. We are all dressing as characters from the Wizard of Oz. I'm the Wicked Witch. The kids can't wait to paint my face green.
Gus will appear as Toto...beagle-terrier...use your imagination.


AmyDe said...

Sorry! Have fun tonight though. I can totally see Gus as Toto - Run Gus Run!

Sherry W said...

Oh noooo! So sorry about the test! You'll get it next time.

Christine The Cheeky Red Head said...

Take lots of nice deep breaths and know that you'll better next time. I hope you remind me of this when I sit for my license somtime around 2009.

Christine said...

*snort* I was cracking up when I read your "Bite me." response to needing to improve "communication, ethics and service delivery." See, you're not supposed to say bite me. ;-)

That sucks about the test - so close! You'll make it! Although, like you said - you need this to dye yarn like I need a pharmacy degree to take photographs. Why can't we make great incomes doing what we truly love?

Anonymous said...

ya know....the license comes in handy for being panelled with the almighty insurance companies/mco's....yuck! good luck next

Sssarahevt said...

Being in my SW masters program, I have BOTH tests to look forward to... I certainly wish you all the karma in this world...and the fact that taking a test to be a social worker is a bit screwy.