Monday, October 09, 2006


has the last week gone? Seriously, I'm stumped. I can remember watching "Lost" and "The Nine" on Wednesday...I know there was a major roller coaster of temperatures...80 degrees one day and 50 degress two days later...I know I taught on Saturday...I KNOW THE YANKEES WERE ELIMINATED BY THE TIGERS...and yet, I didn't blog about a darn thing since the koigu felting.

Oh and in the BIGGEST news of the week (non knitting of course) the Eagles kicked the Cowboy's asses yesterday. It was an awesome football game. Towards the middle of the fourth quarter, I came down with a severe case of "I can't watch-a-titis." I had flash backs of the Giants game just a few weeks ago where we totally blew it in the final minutes of the game---really, we should be 5-0!!! Anyway, T.O. is a little boy and all the hype and craziness leading us to the game was just that...hype and craziness.

So Rhinebeck is just two short weeks away and Wendy and I are getting super psyched for our roadtrip, yarn purchasing, and podcasting random people at the festival...maybe we will run into you???

Also, Wendy and I will be making an appearance at the Rosie's Yarn Cellar booth at Stitches East on Sunday November 5th...I don't know the time yet, but if you have always wanted to visualize you favorite is your chance.

The holiday knitting (aka abominable knitting) is moving along. I have purchased all remaining needed yarn (for dad and Mike) and have managed to get all projects organized and into one large knitting bag. This week, I'm working on dad's gift...we will see how quickly I can pound it out. I have also finalized the list and included non Christmas gift items and other things that I would just like to knit (for myself) at the time.

I think it is now time to be a social worker...peace and GO TIGERS



Sherry W said...

Tigers suck! I'm not bitter. Now I don't have to watch anymore baseball until next year, though. *grumble grumble*

AmyDe said...

Hopefully LOST will snap it up this week - I'm still hooked though. Hang in!

Carol said...

Wasn't "The Nine" pretty good?

I'm with you on where did the last week go. For me, it's where did the last month go.

Felted Koigu looks cool. I saw it at TNNA and it looked really luscious felted up.