Sunday, November 05, 2006

Busy Week

Well, I realized I hadn't blogged since my monumental failure of the Clinical Social Work Exam. When I re-did the math, I actually failed by 2.3 questions. That is all I'm going to say about the clinical exam since I can't take it again for 83 more days.

Speaking of countdowns, 101 days until Spring Training starts (roughly) . Dad and I are counting to February 15th which is around the day the equipment truck leaves. By the way, Yankees, Giants...please FEEL FREE to take Pat Burrell off our hands. We so want to make some moves that involve David Delucci in left and Alfonso Soriano at 3rd base...Well, that is if I was the Phillies GM.

Anyway, it's been crazy busy (and sad) at work all week and then there was HALLOWEEN! Halloween was AWESOME. I will post pics tomorrow as they seems to work better when loaded from the T1 line at the HUP. After Halloween, came Mr. Eko's death on LOST (somewhat of a shocker!) and then, Thursday, the arrival of my parents and their beagles. Yes, it is true...the six pack is alive and kicking at the Joyhouse "South."

Mom and I have been busy---we went to Wegman's. She too is in love with the World's greatest grocery store...located just 7 miles from my home in Cherry Hill. We had dinner at the cafe-I had Maryland Crab Rolls...Sushi with HUGE lump crab wrapped in the normal seaweed and rice, rolled in Old Bay. It's the next best thing since Crab Fries at the ball park. After, we shopped 'till we dropped. We've cooked some fabu meals this weekend. We've also had a few casualties in the form of pumpkin bread and pot roast gravy...but its been fun to try some recipes out prior to our family Thanksgiving feast.

Mom also helped me pick out a new kitchen sink and faucet! Yeah...Home Improvement rocks. Tom in "Fashion Bath" at the Lowe's on Columbus Blvd is great and I HIGHLY recommend him for your bath and kitchen plumbing needs.

Today was a big day-Stitches in Baltimore. I must say I was disappointed in the location. We arrived at the Baltimore Convention Center, only to find there was no onsite parking. On top of this, there was a Raven's footbal game today---so parking was JACKED UP to at least $25 and we had to fight Raven's fans for spots. Then the Convention Center was so badly marked, we walked around it before we found HOW to get in to Stitches. Things went well for a while. We vistied the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth; all of the medium weight Socks that Rocks was gone. But I did grab two of their others yarns, also in their fabu colorways: I got a lace weight yarn called Geisha in "Rooster Rock," and a bulky called Periwinkle in "Puck's Mischeif." I already started knitting Puck...into a bias knit scarf. Should knit up very quickly as it is on size 13 needles. I also got some undyed Lace Weight and Sport Weight at the YarnBarn of Kansas to try my hand at dyeing. I bought a GORGEOUS wood shawl pin, the new "Victorian Lace Today" book, which is lovely. I plan on knitting a great deal from that book. Then it was KOIGU KOIGU KOIGU. I bought 12 matching skeins to knit "Lucy" from is an amazing pink/mauve/fuschia colorway. Can't wait to start my first post phase 1 weight loss sweater. I also picked up some great patterns...socks, shawls, scarfs...the usual.
I interviewed the ladies from Rosie's, Kaci from Blue Moon and Angela from Pearl's Wisdom for the P-cast...hopefully you'll hear those soon. It was a pretty good yarn aquistion day--but I don't plan on going to Stitches next year. I think I'll stick to the fiber fests...6 shorts months until Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Pics of stash aquisition and Halloween to follow tomorrow...

PS Maggie ate the cashmere clapotis. I can't type any more about it due to PTSD---Grace and I are considering options for what remains. I have forgiven Maggie---for now.


AmyDe said...

Hey - at least Maggie has good taste!

Sherry W said...

We should all pitch in and buy youa giant steamer trunk for your knits. Or the dog, whichever.

I didn't go to Stitches since I was a bit underwelmed last year at AC. It's mostly stuff I can get anyplace or online. I miss Decedent Fibers, since they don't seem to go to the fiber fests and they have yummy yarn.

Shelby said...

MMmmm, Wegmans!! I grew up with a Wegmans in every town...and now I have to drive an hour to get to one. How I miss Wegmans!

I went to Stitches on Friday, and it was great (with exception of the parking issue)!! I thought the selection was great!! And even got some Black Bunny for a shawl from Rosie's!

Kathy said...

Oh, I got a stomach pain just thinking about the clapotis! Maggie, Maggie...needs some behavior modification. You know...when you put yarn near her mouth you give her a ... I don't know what?! Something bad. But I always felt bad when I had to discipline my dog, but a yarn eating dog? Maybe you can rescue some of it.

Wendy said...

That's way too bad about the Clapotis. My beagle is a chewer too ... but not a barker or howler, so I guess that's a trade off? I'm sticking to fiber fests from now on too ... it kinda sucks to pay admission to go shopping, and while the market was nice, well ...

Sorry I didn't get to say hi on your way out ... I didn't recognize you until you started walking out with Wendy and commented on my shawl edging. Then I realized I missed meeting Knitty D!

buttercup said...

How sad about the clap. I know it took you a long time to get it done and now - Bad Maggie!

Wegmans is THE BESTEST EVER! They are 1 mile from my house and therefore my regular market. LOVE that place.

I actually passed up on the Maryland Crab rolls for the California Crab roll for dinner on Halloween. I love avacodo and with the sweet hunka crabmeat - AWESOME!

I didn't know you were actually located in NJ. All these podcasts and I thought you lived in Philly.

Phoebe said...

I agree wuth Amyde, Maggie definitely has good taste. Ever try just giving her, her very own stash of yarn to chew? Hope that Grace comes to the rescue for you!

Knitty Delicious said...

Wegman's is in Jersey and Knitty D is in Philly---but Wegman's is just a 15 minute car ride over the bridge and WELL WORTH the trip.