Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Molly, Maggie and Gus managed, again, to get the refrig open yesterday while I was at work.

The carnage included, a large container of (part skim) ricotta cheese and a container of my very special, low fat pumpkin dip.

Needless to say, the clean up post ricotta, has not been fun.

Here is a shout out to friends and new parents, Tiger and Anne Marie and new baby girl Emma Anne. Emma made her appearance a couple of months early and continues to get stronger in the thoughts and all the love of Auntie Bach your way guys! Can't wait to see you next week after my yarn carnage at Rhinebeck.

Holy Crap, Rhinebeck in 9 days!
I've done like CRAP knitting this week. I've been too obsessed watching clips of movies I'm going to show in class this week about how not to do therapy. I haven't even watched much tv this I'm settling in for my Wednesday night of "Top Model, Lost and the Nine" and Tivoing "Project Runway."

Must go watch Tyra lecture the budding models about fear...because Tyra is the queen of conquering fear.


AmyDe said...

I thought my beagles were naughty! We used to have a baby gate blocking off the kitchen and Freckles (our skinny beagle) would get under the gate and raid the trashcan (we now have a $75.00 metal trashcan with a lid).

The other two dogs would be so mad at her when she was let back through the gate!

Pumpkin and Ricotta clean-up - eeewwww! Sorry.

alyshajane said...

Eee, hope the cleanup went well! It could be worse, this morning I discovered that I had walked in a kitty fur ball and found said fur stuck on my shoe. Ewww!

I am *so* glad I had shoes on! ;p

Anonymous said...

We wound up putting a child lock on our fridge after cleaning margarine & other wonderful things out of the carpet. Darwin, our beagle, couldn't eat them on the tile in the kitchen. Nooooo, he had to eat them on the carpet in the living room. Lucky for me, my husband got to clean up the messes.
I have lots of friends with 2-legged children yet we are the only ones with a fridge lock. Even though Darwin passed away a couple of years ago, we still have the lock. It's part of the family history now.
Have I mentioned that you're an incredibly brave woman for having more than 1 beagle?