Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Felting Koigu...

...who'd have thunk it???

Well, it's true. I finally caved and bought a skein...okay 2... of Koigu Felting Merino AKA KFM.
I saw swatches at Rosie's last week but I guess I had to believe it with my own eyes and washing machine. Plus, I decided after seeing and feeling it, that it would make a gorgeous and incredibly warm hat and maybe mittens for this winter.

So I swatched,

and despite my garter stitch border, it rolled. I measured and headed down to the washer. I quickly realized this was going to be a challenge...my new washer is all digitally controlled...so I cannot set it to have continued agitation...so I guess. I throw the swatch in, with a towel, 110 degree water and pray.

About 12 minutes later, this was the result:

Now, I'm not sure the photos do the felting justice, but it does look very cool and is it soft! It probably could have agitated 2-3 more minutes, but the cycle was over but I couldn't make it start again with this high tech washer!!!!

So I guess I am going to have to felt the finished product at mom's house over Thanksgiving in her "old fashioned" washing machine. Until then, the swatch can dry...I can re-measure and then comes the math, and the knitting...


AmyDe said...

Looks good. I still don't know that I can bring myself to felt Koigu.

Lisa said...

That looks so cool! I wish my LYS had Koigu so I could get some too!

profbookwurmknits said...

i agree
felting koigu...
i love my koigu
as it is
but i am anxious to see your hat

Wendy said...

Hmmm . . . I'm scared of the felting! Good luck, and go where no knitter has gone before!


Martha said...

Now I'm going to have go out and get the felting Koigu!!!
To get rid of the curling and promote the felting I would recommend that you try knitting with slightly bigger needles so that the stitch is looser.