Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sheep and wool and leaves...

Wendy and I have returned from Rhinebeck!!! It was great to meet so many people who recognized us as "KNITTY D AND THE CITY!"

It was a GORGEOUS day! I was up at the crack of down aka 645. I was ready to go! I could barely contain my excitement. We stayed at the Bates...I mean Village Square Country inn.

Be sure to lock your doors!

We loaded up on some yummy diner grub and coffee at the Eveready Diner, which was across the street from the hotel. We liked it so much we went back on Sunday!

We scored at The Fold. We each got 7 amazing skeins of Socks the Rock. I just packed it away in my sock yarn bin. I am going to visit it before bed. I am totally motivated to knit lots of socks. Wendy and I were talking about Socks that Rock and how gorgeous it is--you really don't need to knit a complex pattern for the sock, because the colors do all the work for you. I got colorways including, "Ruby Slippers," "Graphite," "Brick," & "Waterlillies." For mom, "In the Navy."
Our stash of Socks that Rock

I also got some amazing Brooks Farm Four Play for Clapotis #2, A gorgeous springy green lace weight for a shawl, some cashmere and a bunch of Morehouse Merino. I bought AMAZING sheepswool slippers that look like UGGS but cost $40 less. I haven't taken them off since I got home. Maggie has been eyeing them wantingly. Here is the total haul for both Wendy and I:
THAT IS >$1000 in yarn!

I also met my soulmate, an alpaca named Lamborghini...I call him Lamby for short. He was very sweet, a bit shy, and very soft. He lives at Staghorn Valley Alpaca Farm, about 20 miles west of Albany. Check out their website at What I loved about these folks was their yarn labels state: "Yarn by..." and then the names of the Alpaca's that supplied the fiber are listed. So, I bought some of Lamby to take home with me, since my neighbors would likely not tolerate an Alpaca in the backyard.

Sadly, blogger continues to be NON COOPERATIVE in uploading more I'll post this for now and add more when blogger is more user friendly.

Wendy and I recorded some great bits for the podcast, so be sure to keep your ears peeled for the next new (or two?) episodes in the next weeks.

I must go study...I'm taking my clinical social work exam in 8 days and clearly am in denial about this event and being delusional about it's reality. I am hallucinating about passing. Maybe the anxiety will subside before the panic attack sets in and I suffer from eneuresis. I am projecting. Perhaps some behavioral interventions will help...


Donna said...

I just licked my monitor....those skeins of STR look positively delish. I can't wait to hear all about it....welcome back!

alyshajane said...

Yum! That is some serious yarn candy! Glad to hear you both had a great time, can't wait to hear all about it!

Sherry W said...

I can't wait to meet lamby!

AmyDe said...

WooHoo! Maybe one day the SE Fiberfest and my paycheck will align in he sars - until then I'll live vicariously through you and Wendy @ Rhineback. Glad you had a good time and the yarn is Yum-O! Good luck on your exam - you're going to do great!