Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

As part of my six pack plan for the phillies, I scored some AWESOME seats for the Sunday night, ESPN televised game. We were in section 110, row 6. AND it was TOTE BAG NIGHT for "mothers" ie all women over 15. So Heather and I scored some crab fries, Bull's BBQ and our free pink tote bags and watched our Phils win their 8th game in a row. Oh we also saw some guy named Barry Bonds hit a bohemoth of a home run off the McDonalds sign between the second and third decks. It was great to be in Philly with all the fans BOOING Bonds...

Here is my BIG BLACK EYE, one week after injury
It really does look like eye shadow!

PAST and FUTURE? Bonds and Ryan Howard at First Base

My new FAVORITE Phillie, Sal Fasano

Dangerous driving with the Phanatic

Bobby Abreu and a young fan...so cute!

Our free tote bags!

Heather and ME! I look like I've been in a bar fight!


Sherry W said...

Are you going to go up and join the 'Sals Pals'?

We should have a knitting circle baseball night. It seems a lot of us like baseball, no?

Lisa T said...

I agree with sherry w. I was at the game as well........not as great seats as you, but still good.
We were in section 112 row 28.......love the bag!! (my new beach and / or knitting bag--haven't decided yet). PS: LOVE the podcast you're doing with Knitty D. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to MS&W so I'm looking forward to hearing about your haul!!