Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Summer of...Lace (no not the Summer of George you Seinfeld fans!)

I'm am a woman possessed with LACE knitting. Now that I can finally DO IT, it is ALL I want to do. I have joined the AMAZING LACE knit-a-long and my team-mate is the North Sea Shawl, from Folk Shawls. I've cast on; the pattern is total cake

I took these photos in my office...sorry the lighting is so nasty.

Here is the cashmere clap...I LOVE IT...this morning Trish and I had a TINY incident with some coffee and the cashmere, but I was able to rescue it by cutting about 6 inches and spit-splicing it back together...thank god for "apply spit to hand..."

I've done four of the drops...I agree with Wendy that it gets a bit boring and wants to be put down for a few days...but to Wendy I suggest when you knit it in cashmere, you want to come back to it sooner.

Here is a shout out to my sister! Thanks for the AWESOME Loop Gift Certificate for my birthday!


Wendy said...

Oooo aaaahhhhh!!


Sherry W said...

For all that is holy, keep that clap away from Gus!

Lisa said...

The clap is a bit boring to knit, but I have worn mine a lot. Your cashmere is yummy and I second Sherry on keeping Gus the Gourmet away from the clap. Cannot wait to see the lace progress.

Knitty Delicious said...

ok; Gus is NOT the Gourmet of yarn--it's Maggie that is the lover of eating yarns...Gus just likes to snuggle with it!

Jeanie said...

Hi Christina! I hopped over to your blog from your podcast and LOVE your Clapotis made from the cashmere yarn! What yarn is that? It's beautiful!

Take care,
Jeanie Gist