Monday, May 15, 2006

Special Edition: What did Maggie Eat

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend. This is usually dangerous for me because I love Bed Bath and Beyond and could always use more (1) candles (2) kitchen gadgets (3) yarn storage (4) misc. This weekend I found the PILLOW THAT WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE, The "Felicity Huffman (yes that Felicity Huffman from Desparate Housewives)" Head and Neck support pillow extravaganza.

I used it Saturday night, loving how comfy I was as I knitted away at the Clap. I got a ton of knitting done, and headed upstairs to bed with the beagles in tow. Half an hour later, deep into 48 hours Mystery, I notice that Mags is NOT in the bed with me. "Maggie, Maggie" I yell. No response. This can't be good.

I go downstairs, and there, in its stuffed bliss, is my Felicity Huffman pillow extravaganza, ripped to shreads. Well, it was one night of comfortable bliss.


Sherry W said...

Perhaps for every toy of yours she chews, you 'chew' up one of her doggie toys!

Lisa said...

Wow, that Maggie sure has some good taste!