Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hoe 1: Christina 0

I'm enjoying a few days at home after a freak front yard accident.
I stepped on the a hoe while working in my garden, causing the handle to fly straight into my face at a high rate of speed. It hit my right brow bone and eye. Today it is turning a lovely shade of purple and it is still quite swollen. I got a note in the ED for two days away from work, which is good because I have a splitting headache. I will never step on a hoe again...this sucks.
However, it will NOT keep me from knitting...which I am doing while squinting...and it certainly will not keep me from Sheep and Wool...even though the forecast calls for late day rain. To the ladies driving with me...its a good thing we are leaving early, wear your rubber shoes and bring a parka...Saturday we buy yarn.


Wendy said...

OH my GOD! That's all I can say . . .

See ya at the Bank!


Sherry W said...

Oh no! I'm happy your eye is OK!

Less seriously, I thought that only happened in Loony Tunes or Tom and Jerry!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about THE HOE INCIDENT. Thank God it isn't impeding your ability to do major shopping at Md S/W or to podcast!

Robin said...

dear lord, woman!! Glad you're ok, and glad Sheep & Wool will be unaffected! See you at the Koigu at 9am!!