Saturday, May 13, 2006


I'm knitting with the Cashmere I splurged on several weeks ago...Wendy motivated me to pick up "the clap" again; but not the silk garden lite clap. I have some sort of mental block against the silk garden lite clap since Maggie ate it. So I picked up the cashmere and started knitting with it and now, I'm hooked. I will rip out the silk garden lite and make it into something else entirely. I showed off the finished sampler shawl today to many ohh's and ahh's from Heather, Kin, Martha, Elizabeth and Elizabeth's mom. I'm proud of my accomplishment, considering I finshed much of the last lace pattern with a big swollen black eye. I'm healed, only to get a sinus infection afterward.

So Lace is in everything and everywhere! It was the featured article of the most recent Interweave Knits, complete with pattern for the Icarus shawl, which I am contemplating in zephyr, but my gauge seems a bit off. Today I received my new knitpicks catalog, which on the cover proclaims, "discover the beauty of lace." I just want to say, that I declared this the "summer of lace" several weeks before these publications came out. So, I'm ahead of the times...again.


katia said...

Hi -- I just discovered KnitPicks (I'm slow) and ordered a whole bunch of yarn from them for some lace projects. I did a little googling to see what others think of the yarn, but didn't find much. I'm suspicious of it because it is just so inexpensive! What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about joining the Amazing Lace?