Friday, May 05, 2006


Cinco de Mayo!
Today is the one year anniversary of Knitting Delicious!
This has been my most successful foray into journal keeping in my lifetime.
Out of it has been born friendships and a podcast!
So Happy Anniversary Knitty Delicious!!!!
Here is to another year (and beyond) of good knitting, cute beagle photos and rantings about the Phillies.

Which reminds me, I haven't ranted about the Phillies since opening day...
We still need some consistent starting pitching, but I'm impressed with the bullpen and my new best friends, Ryan Howard and Sal Fasano...why hasn't this guy ALWAYS been a Phillie?

Heather and I are going to the game on Sunday night...perhaps to see Barry Bonds break the bambino's record? I've got mixed feelings about Barry, his alleged steriod use and his contribution to baseball...but who cares, it is all about crab fries.

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Lisa said...

Yeah!!! Happy one year!!