Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sand and Sewing

Today is my last day of vacation of the Cape...driving back to Philly does not count as vacation.

I took Finney to the beach yesterday. He is so shy around other (stranger) dogs. It is so strange since he is so active and playful with the rest of the pack here.

It was VERY windy at the beach. The sand was whipping around...so we didn't stay long. I snapped a few good shots...

The wind was really blowing those monster ears!

Dad and I also went to Sundae School for our inaugural Coffee Oreo Frozen Yogurt Hot Fudge Sundaes


And, I've finished sewing 6 (yes SIX) pillows for my couch at home.

Mom decided that putting zippers in was the way to go (no hand stitching...I couldn't agree more...but I'm not ready for the zipper foot...so I let her handle that). The pillows are cute and fun and I feel like I've gotten some of the basics down (like putting the RIGHT sides together and sewing on the wrong side).

Another thing I don't love...ironing. Guess that is going to have to change since you have to press EVERYTHING...

God I look so serious sitting behind that sewing machine...

So today...packing...knitting...reading...sleeping...beagles...for one more day


AmyDe said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday - just what you were looking for. Take care and be safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you and your sewing.
Hey -- check this out. You MUST do this:


Lisa said...

That really is some fierce concentration :) but is looks like you have subdued the sewing machine. The fabric is tres cute!