Thursday, May 15, 2008

meltdown, models and such

I've been kind of crazy this week. Work has been busy and I've found myself becoming very attached to a client at Ronald McDonald House. As a result, I drove directly to Allegro's last night, bought two slices of pizza and a piece of cake and proceeded to self medicate with food and the season finale of "America's Next Top Model...congrats to the first "full figured (size 8/10)" winner, Whitney! Said meltdown was managed...until 330am when I was WIDE awake and thinking way too much for my own good. Insomnia continues to suck ass.

HAPPY 9 month birthday Moose...I mean Finnegan! I snapped this photo this am of Gus and Finn spooning...I've never actually seen them do this!

And here he is smiling

And just being the cutest beagle-basset-moose-alligator mix EVER!

So, I'm having lunch at Au Bon Pain on Tuesday, when Ellen says to me, "BEHIND YOU!"

It was Kal Indian Love Fantasy. He's been at Penn teaching a seminar all semester and now he was sitting behind me at Au Bon Pain, looking at my cute dog Gussy and acting like any other Joe Schmo having lunch on Locust Walk. Here is the photographic evidence. I apologize for the quality and the stealthness of the photos...but I didn't want to seem like a stalker.

That's him behind me in the yellow tshirt and baseball cap. I LOVE YOU KUMAR!!!!

Heather's shower is Saturday! So much to do...can't wait to post photos of her knitted gifts...more to follow


Sherry W said...

8/10 is full figured? Seriously? I thought that was a medium size?

Lisa said...

You go, Stalker Girl!!!

Pam said...

AS the Yarn Harlot said "You Kinneared him!"