Sunday, May 25, 2008

My muses

It has been a gorgeous weekend up here on the Cape...mild and breezy...with clear blue skies and lots of time outdoors with the beagles.

Of course, they have been are a few of my favorite beagle moments

Luther Aloysius Morten Bach

Finnegan enjoys his first summer vacation on the cape

Don't give me that look Gus!

Maggie...looking as cute and gorgeous as always

Maggie and Rory have a drink out of the fountain
Maggie's ears are blowing in the wind
Gus enjoys laying out on the cushions in the sun
Finn enjoys the smells of the fresh Cape air
Rory is exhausted!
The sewing is coming along. I've finished two pillows and have four more ready to put together tomorrow...but have to buy more pillow forms/ I'm off to Jo-Anns again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my first sewing class at Spool next Sunday. I am also feeling more confident with making bobbins and threading my machine, doing it tonight without referring to the manual. But what I've decided I do hate...cutting. I am not good a scissors. They feel bulky and awkward in my hands, and being a lefty, it makes it that much more of a challenge. I'm intrigued by the rotary cutters...but want more of a tutorial before I invest.
Also picked up a great book (thanks mom) called "Confederates in the Attic." It's nonfiction and has been keeping me very entertained...between the knitting...sewing...and napping.
Speaking of knitting...I'm going to catch up on the Tudors and get some knitting done.

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Lisa said...

Great shots of the pack...although I think Luther gets the award for most handsome beagle. Sorry, Finn, my love....