Friday, May 23, 2008

Ah...the Cape

It's been a week of celebrating and good times. The doggies and I made it safely to the Cape and I received my awesome birthday present from my sister sewing machine!

I had my first lesson yesterday and learned how to thread the machine and make a bobbin. I played with the stitch setting and mom even showed me how to turn a corner! I need to familiarize myself with the terminology of sewing (which I keep referring to as knitting). Mom, Grandma and I are heading to Joann's today to purchase some bobbins and needles and maybe even a pattern for a VERY simple project.

Tuesday night was dinner with the gang at Marra's

Thanks to everyone! I had an awesome time!

It was a great birthday. Earlier in the day, I gave a tour of VHUP to a very special pal of mine from Ronald McDonald House. Whenever I asked her what she thought, she responded, "it's amazing." reminded me why I became a social worker...thanks to you and your mom for a very special gift.

Last night, we went to the Ocean House for dinner...this is the view

And this was my chocolate cake with caramel "goo"

I also have been knitting...finally making progress with the Hex-Shawl from JoJoLand. I'm on the third (of 76) Hexagons. Once you get the stitches cast on for each hex, it goes very quickly and is very easy. My recommendation---magic loop and a good set of 32 inch Addi Turbo's. Don't cast on to tightly!!!

The sun in out and I think it is time for a soak in the hot tub...enjoy the Holiday weekend everyone!


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Glad you had a great birthday. Your hex shawl looks like a very pretty bra! :+)

Lisa said...

Such a pretty shiny new machine...oooooooh! Have fun with your new toy!

Martha said...

Happy happy birthday wishes! I knew you had a very nice sister. :-)

anamihal said...

Wow -- sewing now. It will keep you very busy! xoxoxoxo Annie