Thursday, May 08, 2008


So, I might be having major delusions of grandour or just be really stoned as to how much knitting I can do (in reality).

Since I was so organized and behaved at Sheep and Wool...thanks to Ravelry...I've now completed my up and coming knitting list...

1) Finish Lotus Blossom, Pi Shawl and Ribbon Scarf---Already on needles

2) Start Swirl Shawl and Seraphim while on vacation in two weeks

3) Then start Birch and Baltic Sea Stole

I want to accomplish all of these by my vacation beginning July 26th when I will

4) Re-pick up Entrelac Stole, Modern Quilt Wrap and Bell Sleeve Sweater (all already in progress)


5) I will think about the Twinnings Stole and all the things I didn't actually finish, like Kimono Shawl. I crazy?


Donna said...

Are you crazy? nah...

Just an organized planner! Ok, maybe a bit of a dreamer, but ya gotta start somewhere, huh???

Can't wait to see the pics from MD. Sounds like it was fun.

Lisa said...

Yup...plum loco!! Any Kadu time in there? You need fortifying for all that knitting :)

Wendy said...

Um, just a little.

Courtney Kelley said...

What? No Maude?