Saturday, August 11, 2007

Reasons Cape Cod Rocks

1) Experimental Cooking with Barbara
-Last night we made Salmon with a dijon-honey-ginger-soy glaze and sweet onion and feta risotto...all from Cooking Light. One word, YUMMY.

2) Cooler temps and lower humidity. 'Nuff said


4) Beach days

5) Watching the Phillies in the hot tub

6) Lots of time to idle away knitting (working mostly on Maude this weekend), reading (Currently reading Julie and Julia), napping and generally making fun of the silly things my father right now, mowing the lawn when the grass is wet, overfilling the hot tub, putting 17 tennis balls under the covers in my get the picture

7) Mom's breakfast left overs...thanks to a very busy weekend at the B and B; today was breakfast pizza and scones.

8) Did I mention the beagles? Blogger is not cooperating with uploading photos. Let me just say they are SUPER CUTE...Maggie and Louie were playing in the fountain and chasing each other...Gus likes to lay in the sun.

9) Cut-throat Scrabble games. I lost twice last night.

10) Quality outlet shopping with Mom and Steven.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

So, do all those tennis balls make you really popular with the dogs? I used to have a german shepherd who hid bones in the bed.