Monday, August 13, 2007

The Dirty Dog

Yesterday was bath day here on the Cape.

When I visit, it is my duty to throw the dogs into the outdoor shower and counter the lovely hound dog smell that permeates from them. Everything was going really well...I did the twins first (Maggie and Luther), and they were thrilled they got to shower together. Then game Harry, who is just the BEST in the shower. Finally, it was Gussy's turn. Gus did pretty well; he likes the massage that comes with the shampoo rub down. When I was finished, I let him out of the shower to his grandmother for drying. Just a few short moments later, mom announces, "Chris, Gus is coming back in." Not willingly, I thought. No, he was FILTHY! Gus had decided to roll around in a hole he had dug beneath the kitchen windowns. I have never seen a dirtier dog. So, into the shower he went again. This time, when released into the wild, we kept him OUT of the giant hole and clean...for about 5 minutes. Gus then proceeded to hide in the "upper echelon" of the back yard, rolling around in dirt gleefully. When he resurfaced to come back in to the house, he looked like a pig that had rolled in shit....again. Mom and I were taking no prisoners this time; we brought Gus into the service kitchen and gave him his THIRD bath in the sink. THREE BATHS FOR THE DIRTY DOG!!! I wish we had photographed the carnage, but the camera was no where near; and I was covered in dirt and dog hair myself. So, the lesson we learned, Gus gets bathed in the kitchen...always.

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