Saturday, August 04, 2007

Proof of Hot Balls

Yes, that is right...I've found the proof that it is

Now in reality that is me being cheesy with some giant red concrete balls outside or OUR NEW TARGET! Yes it is finally a reality! The Target on City Line Ave has opened. It was huge, crowded and they have BIG CHEESY GIANT RED BALLS outside. Oh and did I mention the Starbucks IN THE TARGET?!

The heat is getting to me...

Did some MAJOR damage at the Rosie's Sidewalk sale to follow, including socks I started in the new Kaffe Fasset Regia far it is pretty yummy.

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Angie said...

It's funny, we've had a Target (pronounced 'Tarje' around here)that I don't even notice the giant red balls. Enjoy. It's a great store!