Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I need help...

I am completely, utterly, hopelessly, crazily obsessed with "So You Think You Can Dance."

Tonight is the dancing finale and tomorrow night, we find out who is "America's favorite dancer." Going into the show I was routing for Sabra and Neil---but now I've seen three routines and I'm shiffting to Danny or Lacey. OH MY GOD!

Seriously. Is this what heat, humidity and the final countdown of this dead end crappy job have done to me?

But wait, it gets worse.

I bought tickets to the tour..FOuRTH ROW SEATS to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE TOUR.

I figured my view won't be obstructed because everyone else at the show (Other than me and the three other ADULTS who are going with me) will be 12 years old and 4 feet tall.

So, 7 work days left at HUP. I'm feeling very very ready to let go and begin the next chapter of my (career )life. These docs who I've been working for for the last 9 years are FINALLY starting to show their gratitude towards's amazing that I had to resign to get them to do that.

7 days of work left also means that I'm going BACK to Cape Cod next Saturday for TWO WEEKS of knitting, reading, sleeping and cooking. KICK ASS.

Speaking of the yarn...

I've got way too many Koigu shawls going...3. Of course I screwed up Maude...AGAIN. Actually it wasn't my fault, it was Maggie and Luther's fault. They jumped on me in the middle of a row and down went a few yarn overs...and a few stitches. What totally cranks me out about this, was that I was two(2) eight (8) row repeats from the center/turning short rows and then begins the decreases. Robin tells me the short rows/decreases go "much faster." But, I can't help but feel this project is jinxed. Has any one else ever had a jinxed they messed up 72 two times and just couldn't finish? What happenend?

Shawls two and three have just got to MOVE ALONG. So, I've decided to focus first on my variation of the Sarah Blanch shawl (Folk Shawls) and plow through the rest of it. I mean for ****'s sake I started it in Scotland in's got to get done. So maybe I can finish this during the first week of my sabbatical and then...

Focus on Koigu shawl #3 the Dale of Norway "Rectangle Shawl." This shawl needs a better name...please help. This will be the focus of week two of sabbatical.

Also needing to JUST GET DONE, The "Hunter's Safety Stole" in Black Bunny Lace Weight. These are the three projects that will be going on vacation with me. That's a lot of lace. BUT (big but) if I can finish them all by mid-late September that CLEARS the way for the dreaded HOLIDAY KNITTING. I'm putting the socks away for a bit. I hope no one else gets pregnant anytme soon...beacause I need to focus on me and my lace knitting.

I'm dying to go to Rosie's and check out the new Rowan fall collection and maybe get something for my secret pal...maybe this weekend.

Summer is winding down, and so is this blog.

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Chrispy said...

dang it make me remember why I like watching tv in the summer. I forgot about so you think you can dance. I loooove that show. But alas this summer has been declared tv free. DVDs are ok but I like the break I am having. I have listened to tons of knitting podcasts and thus I might add when do we expect a new Knitty D in the city podcast or is it dead?