Sunday, May 06, 2007

Worth the Wait

I know I know. I haven't blogged for a while...but I was saving it for SHEEP AND WOOL 2007!!!


The treck started Friday night. Wanting to leave promptly at the "crack of ass," Nicole and Elizabeth slept over at my house. They weren't into the traditional slumber party stuff like the Ouija board or levitation. No, instead, we planned our attack for the Festival. We all wanted to hit the Koigu booth...I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to score some discounted Koigu? I also got Nic into Socks that Rock when I showed her my stash, so we also knew we wanted to hit The Fold. We also knew we wanted to fondle all the Brooks Farm yarn (not the Brooks Farm hottie Wendy and I referred to after last year's festival). Beyond that, I was looking for Brittany cable needles, a shawl pin and blocking wires. And of course, we had to score FESTIVAL SWAG.

Let me start by saying, there was no Koigu. Maie broke her foot and they decided not to make the trip. After a brief period of disappointment, I knew we had to move use crying over spilled milk...and I could spend that money EASILY somewhere else.

Well, I can tell you one thing about the festival. We are REALLY REALLY good at standing in line. You waited in line for buy yarn, to pee, to buy food, to pet a llama. The festival has become so much more crowded over the years. Not just with knitters, but with fiberholics galore. Weavers, spinners, dyers, knitters. And then, there are the people there to show their live stock. We saw sheep, llamas, alpacas, angora goats and angora rabbits! Here are some animals:

Here is my haul!

I realize it is a bit hard to visualize everything, so here are some more specifics:

Cute Socks

Brooks Farm Acero for Socks, Wrist Warmers and the "Crest of the Wave" Mobius,

a Brooks Farm Pattern

Socks that Rock in Carbon Dating, Pebbles and Lunasea

Two Morehouse Merino Kits

Not 1, but 3 Shawl Pins

No festival is complete without CASHMERE!!!

This is from Just our Yarn and when it grows up, it will be the "Feather Shawl"

which is one of their patterns

I also scored a festival tee, that just happens to match the one I got at Rhinebeck as well as a tote bag and a special present for my mom and my secret pal.

But the best part, the friends who joined us at "Camp Knitty D and the City!" Yes, we made camp, complete with chair, blankets and lots of room for knitting

and let us not forget, the brownies:


Tania said...

nice one... that cashmere looks gorgeous!

Wendy said...

It was great seeing you on Saturday! I tried to call Wendy for the meetup after I saw you guys just when you got there, but was unable to connect. Maybe next year!

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

I'm so jealous. Every year at the beginning of May my "beloved" hubby has a meeting in Las Vegas and I hitch a ride. Since I knew from nothing about MD Sheep and Wool until I was gifted with an I-Pod and listened to you guys, it was never a problem in the past. NOW...a different story. Next year we will go the weekend before so I can go to sheep and wool. I really am jealous as can be. Just to touch Brooks Farm makes the trip worthwhile! I made the Clap out of it and its so beautiful that people actually stop me on the street about it. So, as we like to say at Passover - Next year in....Ellicott City!

donella said...

Just wanted to post and thank you for all the great photos. Started listening to you and Wendy in depth just over a week ago on a road trip from DC to Atlanta, and in a moment of desperate "where the heck are more podcasts" frenzy, came across your blog. Landing at Yarn Paradise in Asheville, NC (after about 6 hours of straight Knitty D and the City), I pounced on the Koigu. And had never even knit with it before. Thanks for the new habit, D!

Peace out, bella, and good luck with all the new projects!

Carol said...

Shit, how did I miss those brownies?

Now off to research rhinoplasty.

selva said...

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