Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ring of Kerry...sort of

Well it was very wet today. We started the day off with a hearty breakfast at our lovely hotel, the Ballygarry House, in Tralee, County Kerry. This hotel is just amazing. Our bathroom is SUPER SWEET and I could easily park a car in it.

We headed down to Killarney National Park and for a two mile hike or so to Muckcross Abbey, a ruins that you can only access by foot/bike/jaunty (horse drawn) car. It is very quiet. We were the only people there. We carried on the Ring of Kerry for a bit and took in foggy, albeit lovely views of at "Ladies View" and Moll's Gap.

But the BEST part of the day, the SHEEP FARM! I got to sheer a sheep and feed a lamb with a bottle. We also saw and amazing sheep dog demo, but out in mountains and rocky terrain, it is much better than seeing a demo in a ring at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

We just got back from dinner in Tralee, where my sister drank her beer and finished off me and mom's cider...beatch! We looked at all sorts of ARAN sweaters today; they have them for about 130 euro hand knit to each Clan specific was very cool. They also had some Aran weight wool...but I kept on moving to the Guinness souveniers...I've bought enough yarn already. Tomorrow we tour the Dingle Peninsula before taking the ferry across the River Shannon to County Clare for our last three days based out of Ennis.

Peace, Love and Yarn
Knitty D


Tania said...

You might not have seen Nessie, but someone did:

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

sounds like your trip is a yarn lovers delight. we also had a lot of rain in Italy but carried on. I'll be the sheep dogs were amazing. I love watching them herd because it is so instinctive. We have a Puli, a Hungarian sheep dog, and he's always herding the little kids around here. Funny. I don't know when you're returning home, but welcome back.