Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sadly, No Monster

Hello from Inverness and Loch Ness. Mom and I took a cruise on the Loch today, on a boat outfitted with sonar and we DID NOT spot the Loch Ness Monster.

Scotland continues to amaze is just fantastic. I have managed to MASTER driving on the left side and on single track (one lane for both directions of traffic). The Isle of Skye was fantastic...we drove past rocky coast line, towering cliffs, waterfalls and mountains. Last night we stayed on the end of the island, literally. If you look at a map of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, on the westerly edge is Neist Point Light House. Our B and B was about one mile from there. Last night we had a spinning demonstration from our hostess, Janet. This morning she had home-made bread and preserves...yum.

No I haven't tried Haggis yet and I'm not planning too.

Castle Count = 4
Miles Traveled in Scotland = 500
Times we've put the "hood" of top of our car down=2
Number of photos taken= 800 (and counting)
Number of Lochs we've sailed on =2 (Ness and Dunvegan)

And the fish and chips...oh yum yum yum
More to follow

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EmilyG said...

Sigh. Land of yarn AND single malt scotch. Yum and yum.