Monday, May 28, 2007

The Emerald Isle

Hello from Ireland! We are on day two of our Irish adventure. Allison arrived, a couple hours late but in good shape. Yesterday we toured Powerscourt Gardens and County Wicklow on our way to Kilkenny for the evening. We stopped for, of all things, an Italian dinner, in Carlow...but it was REALLY good and after eating fish and chips all week it hit the spot.

After getting ridiculously lost in this small town for 100 roundabouts, we found our in and settled in for the first all out Bach girl giggle fest. I'm so proud of Ali and how she staved off her jet lag.

Today we toured Waterford Crystal and got to see master craftsman blowing glass. The tour conveniently drops you in the shop. The crystal is really fantastic and the process by which it is blown and cut is fascinating. After lunch and 1/2 pints of Guinness, we headed back to Kilkenny where we've seen the Kilkenny Castle ( Castle # 11 of the trip) and the Kilkenny design center which hosts local crafts and craft makers. The knitting shop was disappointing...we would do better!

Tomorrow we are off to the Rock of Cashel, Cork and County Kerry...

I'm am homesick...but mostly beagle sick. Trying desperately to get more knitting done with very little success...

Also, I lost my mobile phone in the Glasgow Airport...unless it is wrapped up somewhere in a number has been suspended. Please email me you numbers to so that I can reprogram before I come back to Philly (one week from tomorrow !)

Miss everyone

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