Sunday, May 20, 2007

Almost there...

We are in Dublin, awaiting our flight to Glasgow.

So far, we had a little surprise when we got to Boston and realized our flight had been changed...instead of going directly to Dublin, we landed in Shannon around 530am and then forwarded on to Dublin around 7am. The trans-atlantic part of the trip was very smooth and FAST.

Being in this airport reminds me of why I dislike Dublin so much. It is a mad house here. Too many people in a very small space with not enough infrastructure to support it...just like my experience with the city two years I'm looking forward to getting back on the plane and heading for Glasgow.

It's 335 am my time right now. And it's my birthday.
I'm going on no sleep. Almost finished a book and watched two episodes of The Office, including the season finale, which WAS AWESOME. There is NO decent coffee here and no where to get breakfast, so I got a rice krispie treat and a diet pepsi. But at least I'm in Ireland...not Philadelphia.



Kerry said...

Happy, happy birthday to you today and in the years to come!!!

Lori H said...

Happy birthday! Can't wait to see lots of pics of your trip.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip and post pics when you can!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

OH! Happy Birthday (just a smidge late) to you!

And TGFS (Thank God For Starbucks!)