Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can you say DimSum?

Well, in a few days, I'll be 35. Since I'll be in another country we decided to celebrate at our favorite dive, the Lakeside Chinese Deli.

I am silly walrus chopstick girl

Klusaritz in the House

My knitting pals, Wendy, Robin and Allison

Jim is a copy cat!

Arthur gives Trishy some loving

Sergio, Me, Arthur and Super T

Check out that HOT shawl!

Jim, Me, Kava and Jen

Me and Ellen

Kelsey, Me and Money

A rocking time was had by all. Thanks everyone for sharing this special night with me.



Angie said...

Happy Early Birthday, many, many, many more. Now I'm craving DimSum at 9:20 am, see how you are..

joann, wynnewood said...

Feliz cumplianos. Bon voyage. Bon knitting. Enjoy.
PS. Nice schawl

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Looks like it was a great dinner - food and cake - how could that be wrong?

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Knitty D! That shawl looks beautiful!

Enjoy your upcoming trip and take lots of pics for all to see.