Saturday, May 26, 2007


Castle Count= 10
Miles Traveled around = 750
Cost for 1 tank of gas=50£ or about $110 (an we Americans think we have it bad!)
Number of Sheep Seen= Thousands
Number of Time keys were locked in boot requiring a call to the AA (american equiv = AAA)=1
Number of Photos taken= 1000 (and counting)---they are being burned to a DVD as we type

Hello from Pitlochry! We are heading down out of the Cairngrom Mountains and the Highlands back toward Glasgow. We fly out this evening to Dublin and meet up with Allison tomorrow after her overnight flight from Chicago.

We've had a lovely time in Scotland, and met some lovely people along the way. We are off to eat more fish and chips and drink more Tennets lager (from Glasgow and YUMMY!)

More from the Emerald Isle...Ps I've gotten like no knitting done, except when James was taking two hours to fish the keys out of the boot (trunk) yesterday...then I cast on the Koigu shawl...felt like a good time to do so.

Knitty D


Lisa said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! Cannot wait to see those pictures- hope you will be sharing a knitting.

Lauren said...

First of all, you are taking my dream vacation and if I didn't have so many fibery creatures to care for, I'd be so there. Secondly, your Phillies won; they beat the Braves. This momentous event should provoke a new podcast. I just found you and I'm almost done with the episodes. Come home, podcast about your vacation and what a yarn slut you were there and provide a little entertainment in my mundane existence!

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

greetings from Italy. your trip sounds great. ours is going well, went to 2 yarn shops in Florence, One was highly recommended and the woman was nasty - no touching! Can you imagine. The other shop had very utilitarian yarns. i guess when you have endless Koigu at Loop you become spoiled. I've knitted my way through Rome, in the car to Florence, Pedona (tiny town where we are staying), Lucca (lives upstairs), and Cinqueterra (where the walking nearly killed me). I hope you've had better weather in Scotland/Ireland than we've had here in Italy. It's downright chilly here. Guess that's better than blistering hot, Looking forward to your photos.