Thursday, June 22, 2006

Knitting To Do List-Part 2

So I perused my knitting patterns last night and here is what I've come up with
(Priority Scale is 1-5 with 1 being highest)

1. Spray Sweater in Rowan Plaid ---Priority 5
2. Ribber Sweater for Dad (Xmas gift) from Summer '06 Interweave--Priority 1.5
3. Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style--in Basil Zepyhr for Allison for Xmas--
Priority 2
4. Estonian Garden Shawl in Frog Tree Alpaca Lace Weight for Grandma for Xmas--Priority 2
5. Odessa Hat in Rowan Cashsoft DK from Magknits--Priority 5
6. Print O' the wave shawl in Peacock Zepyhr (I really WANT to make this next, but shouldnt be a selfish knitter, priority 4)
7. Bed of Roses Shawl from in Anne (Again I want to make this one REALLY BADLY but...priority 4)
8. Half Pi-Grace's version in Anne--Someone pooped on the first one I made, I could whip this out quickly--priority 3
9. Kimono Shawl in Brooks Farm Limited Edition for Mom for Xmas, priority 1.5
10. Kilkenny Cable Shawl in BlackWater Abbey Priority 5
11. Fir Cone Shawl in Zephyr? Priority 5
12. Birds Nest Shawl in Helen's Laces Black Purl (doubled) Priority 5
13. Sarah Blanch Variation in multi koigus--priority 4 (mindless knitting = higher priority)
14. Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon knitting in Silk Garden and Cash Iroha-God knows I don't need a blanket for a while-Priority 7
15. Cavendish Throw from Simply Noro in Silk Garden and Cash Iroha (see above) priority 8

That's a whole lot of knitting...I think the moral of this story is NO MORE YARN UNTIL RHINEBECK. I need a sponsor...Wendy, Heather? Help me. The first step is admitting you have a problem...My problem is I have too much knitting to do (NO, it is not that I buy too much yarn!) It is time to dumb down the stash and get some of these projects moving. Also, the Purple Room Yarn Sale is happening SOON.
So, any suggestions?


Wendy said...

Gosh, I suck as a sponsor - I just forwarded you the sale email.



Lisa said...

Tackle the Kimono! It would be fab to have another soul to commiserate with while I knit away on mine.