Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Always a bridesmaid...

I survived wedding #1 in style. Sure, I "lost" my shoes sometime during the middle of dinner and "found" my purple flip flops...I was much more comfortable

So here is to Elizabeth and Kevin and much happiness for them...
Here are some photos...
Elizabeth, before the vows...
Elizabeth and Kevin...a married couple!
The bridal party
The HUP bunch
Hey, that's me with my arms exposed!!!
yummmmm CAKE
The GORGEOUS bride
Heather and Me

All in all, it was a joyous, lively, elegant affair. Glen Foerd is a magical place, with impeccable staff. It was the first place I'd been too where I would consider getting hitched...if only the "interviewing of candidates" was going better. Check it out at http://www.glenfoerd.org/

I have done squat for knitting and yes, I know I have show notes to write for episode 6 of KnittyD and the City...but recovery from bridesmaid-ness is hard work, and I had ticket to the Phillies-Mets tonight. I have to stop going to Phillies - Mets games...I don't know who to cheer for...

So I've got to get busy with knitting asap...they say it will be in the 90's all weekend, so I see me sitting in front of the A/C knitting and watching movies all weekend. That should facilitate getting some serious work done on these projects. I facilitated some major yarn sluttage by my mom while she was visiting. I so proud I can help other with their yarn addictions.

Well, it is late and the beagles want to snuggle


Lisa said...

Knitty D, you look fabulous!! All of your hard work has inspired me to tackle my bod improvements. Thanks for the good example :)

Sherry W said...

You do look great! Go you!

The wedding looked lovely, a really pretty location.

(Oh, and the Mets suck, even if they are on the top of the league)