Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I, like my compatriot Wendy, have been diagnosed with a serious case of cast-on-ocrosis; resulting in the ever piling up stash of UFOs and new project ideas consuming me!

Last night, I was dreaming about my Koigu half pi shawl that I am going to make. I have been inspired by Michelle and Wendy and went to my Traditional Knitted Lave Shawls book for instruction and inspiration. I can't decide if I am going to do the one in the book called "fan stitch half circle shawl" OR if I am going to (gasp) wait to cast on until class starts on July 8th and make this my shaped shawls project (ie coming up with my own pattern). I've also started the "placket neck childs pullover" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my sister from another mother, Sara and baby Gretchen in the oven. That is going really quickly---I could knit it in my sleep. I have a conference day on Friday and am hoping to get some serious knitting done as this weekend is the wedding weekend and thus, the knitting will likely be going to pot.

I knit a few rows, post Maggie eating of the yarn, of the North Sea Shawl; but again, I'm bored.
I just need to push on through to the other side so I can start my mom's Kimono Shawl (I'm dying to use the Brooks Farm stuff I got a sheep and wool) Then I've got these three monster hanks of cherry tree...what the hell was I thinking? Why did I need to by THREE hanks of this yarn? I'm thinking ebay for one of them...

I was checking out the website for New York State Sheep and Wool; Wendy and I are planning a road trip; she's already booked our hotel room and enticed me into a second night with, "what would you rather do, drive home 4 hours or lay around in the hotel room covered in yarn?" Pretty simple choice dont you think? Anyway, I told Wendy we better save some SERIOUS cash before October. There are MANY more vendors than at Maryland...oh quel damage!?!?!?
What are we going to do?

Trish just told me we are going to POD for free for lunch tomorrow---giddyup, I love vendor lunches.


Ella said...

I have never dreamed about a project I was knitting. I have, however, dreamed about buying yarn.Go figure.


Pam said...

Talking about road're going to Stitches East right?
We need a support group for people with a large yarn collection and lots of UFOs and TOADs. I forgot what TOAD means but it is something you knit and hate.
Loved the latest 'cast with all the interviews.