Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Three Strikes and You're Out?

So, we all know the old saying (baseball oriented of course), "Three Strikes and You're Out?"
I'm thinking about applying this to my knitting of lace and this ***expletive expletive expletive*** shawl.

I ran, like a child to it's mother, to Grace for an intervention. She was calm, cool and collect--as she always is. I was an ADD knitter, at best, wanting to focus my energies on other pretty things surrounding me a the store and getting the news about the Coup de Yarn Harlot.
Basically, Grace fixed my booboo; but I still have NO CLUE what I am doing wrong. I'm trying to read my knitting, to look at the pattern I have created with the stitches; but there is just some bizarre mental blockage going on. I hung around LOOP for a bit longer and finished the pattern row-a bit more confident because the next row was just a purl row and how could I *expletive* a purl row.

Tonight I was determined to get at least half way through my first pattern repeat. I purled the purl row and bravely trodded onward to the next pattern row. Forty five minutes later, I'm still not done with the damn row and I've lost about 104 stitches (okay that may be stretching it) and I want to cry. Thankfully, Trish arrived at that time to drag me out for our night at the Kimmel Center. She talked me down as I repeated over and over again, "why can't I do this? WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?" Then I realized it; it is just like math---and I NEVER got that either.

So I've tucked it back into the knitting bag and will not work on it again without close supervision (ie at class on Saturday). I will think positively. I will not obsess. And if I can't get it, I'll take suggestions on just what the heck I should do with all this alpaca silk.

Clapotis is coming along nicely; so nicely that I purchased some *expletive* expensive but GORGEOUS (swallow) cashmere and am now officially in the YARN SLUT category. But Laura HAD to make Clapotis in the cashmere and had to have it in the shop and I just had to put it on and then I just HAD to buy it. It is time to hit the stash for an ebay clean out again to earn some more yarn money before Sheep and Wool.

Wendy has a ?great? idea of a podcast, starring the two of us, entitled Knitty Delicious & The City. I can't even imagine the hilarity involved in this project.

T and I had a great night hearing the National Symphony Orchestra and Emanuel Ax this evening. It was an amazing performance; it made me teary---of course it was Rachmaninoff; which does it for me. We were so enthralled we purchased tickets to see Lang Lang in two weeks in a piano recital. Young, hot Asian musician. Giddyup.

And finally, here is a SHOUT OUT to my sister Ali, who will grace me with her presence next weekend. Thanks Ali for sharing Easter with me and for helping shop for new (smaller) clothes.


Chelle said...

Sorry you're having so much trouble with the stitch counts. If there's anything I can do to help. Like excel spreadsheet stitch counts, 'cus I'm ANAL, let me know. ;-) Don't be so hard on yourself, lace can be tricky.


Merrill Mason said...

You may be having trouble with lace. I'm having trouble with The Clap. How many times have I ripped the sucker back? On the other hand, my Kimono lace is going swimmingly. How about abandoning Sample and coming over to the Kimono side? We can start a Kimono support group of two. See you and your lace affliction this afternoon.