Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well...I think it happenend. After four hours at LOOP and some serious concentration, I think I get it. I'm able to (better) read my knitting and recognize where I've made a mistake. The process of fixing the mistakes is still coming along; but really I feel as if I've made some damn great progress. I've now made it completely through the first pattern repeat and tonight (swallow hard Grace!), I made it through an entire pattern row ALL BY MYSELF! And when I came to a place where I knew there was a problem, I figured out the problem (dropped yarn over two rows ago) and fixed it! Holy *expletive*!

Here are some progress photos:

Here is the "shawl" at LOOP on Saturday. I am almost through the first pattern row and starting to feel more confident with the pattern.

Here we are through the first pattern repeat! Yeah!

Close up of the first pattern repeat!

Maggie GET OFF THE SHAWL! For the love of god!

Maggie has made the Easter Bunny Beagle her own; she takes it with her everywhere she goes.

Isn't she adorable?
Tonight is the Harlot at LOOP and hopefully Wendy and I will be venturing into the Podcast land . Check out our podcast blog at

As far as the knitting epiphany, perhaps it was the group dancing to "Baby Got Back" prior to class?

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