Thursday, April 20, 2006

Crisis on 46th Street

When I came home today, the painters were nearly finished priming the house. The time had arrived to PICK A COLOR!

My painter, Luis is LOVELY and I recommend him to everyone ('s a lovely Brazilian who's English is a bit broken, but he and his staff are PRIMO.

But I proceed to FREAK OUT about picking colors and went as far as to call my parents and have them look up colors on

Many minutes and color schemes are proposed and discussed. Finally I chose a taupe with green hues called "roycroft suede" as the main color with a darker, sage hue green call "roycroft brass" for trim and "polished mahogany" as the accent color (including the door). I think I did least I hope I did because this is going to last for many, many years.

Crisis averted.

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katia said...

oh Aha! You're going to think I'm some weird stalker, but here's the story: I swear I saw you walking in UCity yesterday late afternoon (c. 45th/Spruce). And now your post about 46th St. confirms it! You don't know me, but I live in the 'hood (up on Buckingham) and I came across your blog because I read Knit and the City... which is linked to Rosie's... So, when some crazy woman starts talking to you on the street (which happens frequently in UCity!), it might be me -- but I'll identify myself, unlike the other crazies. Love your blog! Katia