Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Busy (Long) Spring Weekend


I'm beat. Seriously. The weekend was JAM PACKED and blessed with GORGEOUS weather.
My dear pal, Carla (a fellow Smith ELC alum) came up from Baltimore to hang out. It was also the first weekend of FOLK SHAWL KNIT A LONG (CLASS), and the most spectacular weekend to plant my garden. I'm telling you, I wracked up some major activity points, which is a good things because I went to the Ten Stone last night and had a little party with the Risotto Fritters (YUM!).

So first, knitting class. There are 8 of us; three newbies for me. Everyone else is well known to Knitty D. It was very interesting that all of us (except 'chelle and Cecilia) are knitting different shawls from the book. I've choose the Sampler Shawl in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. The colorway is a gorgeous, muted sage green. Here is my swatch:

I started on 6's but the piece didn't feel and strong (or as Grace would say, "like a piece of fabric"). It felt like stretched out I went down to the five and feel that after blocking the gauge will be gorgeous. Of course, it's not like it is a fitted sweater, so how much does gauge REALLY matter?

Here are my classmates, toiling away. Poor 'Chelle was winding pounds and pounds (or what seemed like this) of black Zephyr off a cone. She plans on doubling the yarn for the Aran Diamond Shawl. I think she is high-black, doubled Zephyr! oye

I tried six different times to upload Wendy posing with her loin cloth...I mean the beginning of her triangle, but Blogger is pissed at me-again. So I'll bring this post to a close and tomorrow blog about the gardening extravaganza that took place today at my house and Heather's house (and the business we gave to Lowe's and the Depot the weekend) well as photos from Phils Opening Day; which, accordingly to the latest weather report, may be a bit soggy!


Wendy said...

I broke Blogger! Not one more post of Wendy smiling like a jackass and holding up her started thingamabob.

Knit on! It will get better. Markers, markers, are the key!


Knitty Delicious said...

Its beyond markers...I have LOST two stitches in the middle of the pattern repeat...I'm going to see Grace Wednesday...until then Clapotis