Monday, April 03, 2006

161 to go

I'm referring there to the number of Phillies games remaining in what will surely be a long, painful, woeful, silly season for this die hard Phillies fan.

And yes, I was there, sitting in the raw, misty rain, with a giant "P" painted on my face and a rally towel on my head. And yes, when Jon Leiber struck out the first two batters of the game, I was hopeful. And then game my first, infamous Phillies line of the year, said to Trish, "if Scott Rolen hits a grand slam, we can go home." And he did. And so did we.

Photographic evidence:

Here I am, after just getting "P'd" on...

I'm Crazy Towel Head; give me some candy!

Trish and I bought matching Phils hats in this years newest style; the pink pinstripe

It was Trish's first opening day!

Here we are, draped in our rally towels and smiling ear to ear.

Of course, we lost 13-5, but JRoll kept his hitting streak alive and Pat the Bat gave me the first bell ringing opportunity of the year. It will do, for the first game of the season.

Only 161 to go...

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Anonymous said...

Love the Phillies post!
On an unrelated note, I can do Yarn Harlot due to an evening work event but my Mother and I are going to Mason Dixon knitting book party on Friday night.
See you there?