Sunday, April 02, 2006


I now officially am ready to cry over the shawl...and I'm only on row 3 of the pattern row.
I messed up...I'm missing 2 stitches and I can't find them. Someone hold me, I don't want to cast on 401 stitches again. I know I know, look on the bright side, I got through 1 pattern row unscathed...then came to second. Anyway Grace isn't working again until Wednesday and I'm going to have like 6 rows done by Saturday...WHY DID I DO THIS!!!????!!!!????




Wendy said...

Guess that Phil's game couldn't have helped, uch.

Hope things have picked up!


Merrill Mason said...

I feel your pain...both about the lace screw up and photos on Blogger. First, let me fulminate about how many times I've tried to post pics, esp. since pics are the main thing on my blog, and I sit there and sit there and sit there, watching the spinning wheel, waiting for the upload. Then, nada. Blogger is ailing and needs a fix. Second, I was on the 3rd pattern row of Kimono and uh-oh, 3 sts missing. BUT I CORRECTED IT MYSLEF!!!! An absolute first. You can do it too, baby. Just heard the Mr. Softee truck jingle---spring is truly here!