Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This is a real conversation...

"I know nothing about missing shoes."
-Maggie Bach

Dad "Chris, I need to talk to Maggie."
Chris "Maggie isn't here right now, can I help you with something?"
Dad "No, Chris, I really NEED to talk to Maggie."
Chris "Well, she's not here. What is going on?"
Dad "I'm missing two left shoes and I think Maggie might know something about it."
Chris "Maggie pleas the 5th...she's lawyering up."

1) Dear Dad, we love you, but MAGGIE CAN'T TALK. All questions regarding said beagle should be forwarded to her legal guardian, Christina.
2) We know nothing about any stinkin' shoes. But, check the pile under the hemlock...I've got a hunch.
3) There are four other suspects, Maggie is just the most convienent to blame said missing shoes on.

1 comment:

Allie B said...

We are truly blessed with wacky parental units...

Perhaps all questions regarding conversion of said shoes should be directed to Maggie's legal counsel?