Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blueberry Extravaganza!

The Blueberry Bus, left the streets of Philadelphia bright and early at 830am and headed the lovely Pemberton NJ to pick blueberries at out favorite booberry jaunt, Hanes Berry Farm. This was our third year picking there, and while the price was up to $1.00 per pound (!) it was a fun as ever and the berries taste AMAZING. I didn't eat much out in the field; but I had to be sure of my product right? So about 45 minutes later, we headed back in to see what kind of damage we had done; between the four of us (Allison, Elizabeth, Heather and me) we picked 32 POUNDS of blueberries. That is a toddlers worth of blueberries! I myself picked 8 and a 1/2 pounds and have been busy this afternoon cooking blueberry cobbler and making shortcakes for blueberry/strawberry shortcakes. My freezer is packed with the berries and Heather and I are already talking about going back again in a couple of weeks. I will post pics of us "in the fields."
Heather and I also had a small fiesta at BJ's stocking up on various goodies. My favorite new thing is my Mr Clean Bathroom telescopic cleaner extravaganza. You can clean the tub WITHOUT any bending. You just move the pole---back and forth. It was neato and my tub hasn't been cleaner in some time.
Needless to say, knitting took a back seat this weekend. Will have to plow through some tonight. Will post pics of finished modular scarf and poncho in progress. Also managed to dig out my silk garden sleeves which as staring at me saying "knit me, knit me."
I'm watching the weather and it is supposed to be 96 tomorrow. Yuck. Screw the kybash on the open toed shoes---it is just too hot not to wear sandals.
Maggie i sleeping behind me on the couch; she looks so peaceful. It is hard to imagine she is part beagle; part goat.
And finally, I watched my Phils win again against those Nationals; with a pinch hit, walk off single by some guy, Martinez, I've never heard of. There is joy in Mudville as we head into the All Star Break.
Knitty D

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