Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter Hysteria!!!

It is finally here! Book six of the beloved Harry Potter series. Yeah, I know, I'm 33 years old---but I love the books a much as the eight year old in line next to me. So, I went to a Harry Potter Party on Friday night to purchase my book at midnight. It wa a fun filled event, complete with lightning bolt tatoos, wand making and magic. Finally at midnight, they started selling the books. First, to those who had pre-reserved their books and then to the rest of us who didn't. By 1245 am I was heading home with my Harry book in my hot little hands. Now, unlike my sister Allison and my dear friend Heather, I didn't read the entire thing in one day. I prefer to savor it. And so, to those who HAVE finished it, LEAVE ME ALONE and don't tell me anything! GOT IT????

Enjoy my photo of me a Harry

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