Monday, July 18, 2005

Living in a Rainforest

Yes, even though the map says that I live in PHILADELPHIA, the truth of the matter is I live in the middle of the amazon rain forest where it is SUPPOSED to be this humid everyday. Oh for the love of GOD it is moist out. I swear, this is one of the worst stretches of nasty humidity in my Pennsylvania career. And it is supposed to last for a end in sight. Okay maybe Wednesday the humidity might be a bit less, but it will still be at least 90 degrees out, so that doesn't count. Oh, and it rains, everyday, around 5pm for a few hours. Last night we had some great thunder, though it scared the bejesus out of Molly and wouldn't you know, she peed on my new rug when she heard a huge clap of thunder. Then, in the midst of the thunder storm, I look outside and notice my downspout is completely blocked and I've got about 6 inches of rain water collecting on my porch roof. So, yes, when the lightening subsisded, I climbed out onto the roof and broke open the obstruction, creating a huge river between my front yard and my neighbors. It was cool

So, I also spent the weekend with the Wereley LoGuidice's and have posted pics of my girls, Hannah and Emma. Next week we hit Cape Cod together. I'm forever in Meg and Steve's debt for introducing me to crocs, quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I love them and may never take them off.

Now I must go do some "social" work
Knitty D

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