Monday, February 11, 2008

There is a dog in my office!

So the benefits of moving over here to 38th and Spruce are becoming more evident.
1) It is freezing this morning...11 degrees with a -something wind chill. I bundled appropriately...but the bus, literally, drops me off at the door.
2) Wawa is across the, all day, everyday.
3) Dogs visit my in my office! Today, Daisy has been hanging out with me. She is a young pit mix...full of love, affection and tenderness. She belongs to a vet student, but hangs out here while she is in class. She was rescued, running around the streets of West Philly, with an electrical cord around her neck. She also had a barb from barb wire embedded in her back and had clearly had puppies recently. She's been adopted by said vet student, given her shots, spayed etc... but she has serious separation anxiety, so her doggie day care is here with us in 1 Rosenthal. She has found my space heater and has been laying in front of it for a while. She is a darling and hopefully this is the beginning of a new and wonderful life with her. (She just had her head on my knee! I'm melting!)

Finn had a great time yesterday at his first knit-o-rama! He loved meeting and playing with all of his aunties (Trish, Lisa, Nicole, Heather, Elizabeth, Allison and Ellen) but most of all, wanted to get to know Ellen's Maltese, Jake. Jake is not so interested in other dogs...and poor Finney...he just wants to play with everything all the time.

We also had a lovely time watching part 1 of Masterpiece Theater's treatment of "Pride and Prejudice" with my boyfriend, Colin Firth. Yum yum yum.

So, on with Monday and time to do some work...or at least snuggle Daisy some more...

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